My twin sister, Sue Pivano, was and is my inspiration for Angel Peace. Sue was an amazing person; beautiful, independent and courageous with a huge heart and great sense of humor. She loved her family, nature, animals and music.  On November 20th 2013, she left this world less than three months after being diagnosed with cancer. I was devastated by Sue’s death and felt a part of me had died with her. Instead of being consumed by my grief, I decided to turn it into something positive and use it to help others.

 Cally and SuE

Cally and SuE

When I would take Sue for chemo, it was cold and the chemo center did not provide blankets so I would bring a blanket to keep her warm and cover her with love and peace. 

Angel Peace is my way of bringing the peace of Angels to others by donating blankets in my sister Sue’s memory. A portion of every sale goes toward the donation of Angel Peace Blankets to chemo patients and others in need.

Although losing my sister has been difficult, I have learned that we are never alone.  Our loved ones and our Angels are here with us, guiding us and loving us always.

I hope my story inspires you to spread the love and peace of Angels too.